How to get traffic from Instagram: The ultimate guide?

Nowadays, Instagram is a much favorable social media platform in the world having more than 1 billion active monthly users. It one of the best platforms to drive massive traffic to your website. But it is not easy to get traffic from Instagram to your website. You will need proven strategies to get traffic from Instagram to your website.

You can’t put a link on every post on Instagram, but it doesn’t mean you can’t get traffic from Instagram to your website.

Here in this blog, we discuss top strategies and tips to get traffic from Instagram to your website.

Let’s deep dive into strategies.

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Link in your Bio to get traffic from Instagram

When you are setting up your profile on Instagram, you will be able to add a link to your website or page in your bio.

The link in the bio maybe a little, but you can’t underestimate that link. It can do so much for you. You can also update this link as you want and when you want. Using this feature, you can point to any page of your website or your affiliate link.

Here what you can target with this link

  • Campaign page
  • Sales page
  • Funnel page
  • Your affiliate website
  • Blog
  • Web page
  • Other social media profile
  • Other resources you want

Only putting a link in your bio doesn’t help you to get traffic from Instagram to your website. You need to add strategic Call-to-actions in a post caption or story to draw attention and get a click on that link.

Here is some example of Call-to-action that you can use to get traffic from Instagram:
  • Click on the link in bio to know more…
  • Checkout on the link in bio to read the full story…
  • For more information, check out the link in bio…
  • Check out the link on bio to get this offer…

Changing links frequently may create a problem for you.

How can you manage your old post?

What can you do if someone going to your bio to get more information and find different links or posts which is from six months ago?

You need a tool to manage all links in just one link. There are lots of tools available in the market. But the best tool is “Link in bio”.

The “Link in bio” tool allows you to curate a page that looks similar to your Instagram feed but it will display the post as a clickable image.

You will need to be consistent so your audience has time to check your link in bio to learn more and you will get traffic from your website. If you want to speed up this process, you will need to add Call-to-action in your bio like “Click on the link below to learn more”. This strategy will increase traffic from Instagram to your website.

Tag a product with Instagram shopping (If you run an eCommerce page)

Using the Instagram shopping feature, you can turn your Instagram feed into a storefront by tagging your product to make shoppable posts:

  • You can use up to 5 tags in feed posts or video posts.
  • It will allow up to 20 tags in carousel posts.
  • Use only one of your products in your story.

It will also allow the appear shopping tab on your profile. This will show off your tagged product range.

It is the best and organic way to promote your eCommerce product on Instagram.

But you need to meet some requirement to use this feature:

  • You need to meet Instagram’s eligibility criteria.
  • Connect your Facebook catalog with your Instagram profile.
  • First, sign up in the app with your business profile.

Add links to your Instagram stories to get traffic from Instagram

It will allow you to add a link to your Instagram stories which help you to get traffic from Instagram to your website when the user swipes up or click on the text “See more”.

If you want to encourage your followers to visit your website, you need to ensure that the frame is free to visible “See More”.

A swipe-up sticker is also available for ‘Call-to-action’ in stories.

You can only unlock this feature when you have over 10K followers or have a ‘Verified’ account.

Add to link to your IGTV videos

You can add a link to your IGTV video description. But if users want to see the description, they need to tap on the post title.

If you want to get traffic and encourage viewers to open your video description, you just need to add Call-to-action in the IGTV video or tell your viewers about the link during the video itself.

Send your website link through Direct message to get traffic from Instagram

You will need to encourage your Instagram followers to start the conversation with you in a direct message. You can also start a new conversation with your followers i.e. welcome message for new followers and asking them relevant questions.

But it is not possible to type new and unique messages for every new follower. Suppose if you gain 500 followers daily, but you have no time to send 500 unique and typed new messages. You need to set up a quick reply to avoid sending the same thing over and over again.

Make sure that to monitor your inbox daily so you will understand deeply your audience and you will able to link your audience to relevant areas of your website.

Make partnership with an Instagram influencer

What you do when:

  • You are not able to link stories?
  • Getting few views on posts or IGTV videos?
  • Have you not large Instagram presence?

You can create a partnership with a brand ambassador who has the reach.

There are thousands of followers on Instagram. You must need to consider how their audience will align with your content. You need to analyze how the advocacy of your brand will be received. Give guidance to Influencer to use effective Call-to-action when they send their followers to your website.

Add Call-to-action in your Instagram profile to get traffic from Instagram

First, you need to think about why you need to get traffic from Instagram to your website?

Do you want people can contact you by text, mail, or phone? Or book an appointment? Or buy a ticket to an event?

All these actions are taken directly on the Instagram profile action buttons. Therefore, you will get traffic from Instagram to your website.

Make Instagram stories highlights

If you want to get traffic from Instagram stories consistently to your website? Use story highlight feature. This feature will allow you to make groups of stories and appear them permanently on your profile.

You don’t need to add every story in highlight. You need to add stories strategically in highlight to your profile which makes your profile better.

Can enable push notifications

Having to turn on Instagram push notifications of posts, reels, IGTV, and stories by your followers will boost your reach. When your audience follows you, there is an option to turn on notification. After turning on push notifications, your audience will get a notification whenever you post content.

If your followers have turned on the notification and you didn’t post-worthy content, then it will have a damaged relationship between you and your followers.

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So here some strategies and tips to get traffic from Instagram to your website or blog or affiliate link. Use these tips very carefully and you will get a massive result. You can implement these strategies by yourself or you can connect with a professional Digital marketing consultant to grow your social media.

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