Top 19 tips to Grow Instagram in 2022-23: The ultimate guide

Are you want to grow Instagram in an organic way?

Do you want to increase Instagram engagement exponentially?

Want some tips for your Instagram engagement?

Here, in this blog we are discuss about top tips to getting higher number of engagement on your Instagram.

Let’s see the tips and tricks for Instagram engagement.

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Content is not king… Content is kingdom

The more valuable and informational content you have, the bigger footprints you will get and the more chance of Instagram algorithm picking up and keep sharing your content. It is the best way to reach your audience organically and getting a higher number of engagements. Good content will help you to grow Instagram organically.

You have many ways to promote your content on Instagram. You can use posts, stories, IGTV videos, and especially IG reels. Use these features which you want to promote your content as much as possible.

Use reels for reals to grow Instagram

In the new IG algorithm, Instagram priorities more on reels. You have the best opportunities to sharing your content in the form of reels. It is an easiest way to get notices and getting higher number of reach.

The engagement you receive on your IG account from reels will translate into likes, comments, and views on your profile page. So it is a great way to attracting more followers to your niche. IG reels becoming more viral than posts which will help you to grow Instagram expotantially.

Jump on the viral and trending bandwagon

Trends and content which are viral are picked up by the IG algorithm significantly more than the other content. You just need to scroll your IG and check what’s trending content in your niche and have the most engagement, then rewrite it in your style and post it for your niche.

Use Dollar Eighty tool to know which posts are trending on your top 10 niche Hashtags.

Make your content scroll-stopping

Content that is eye catching and causes scrollers to stop scrolling and engaging with your content is one of the effective way to grow your IG account in an organic way. The first few seconds are very crucial, so be entertaining and interesting and they will be encouraging and explore your profile more.

Save those posts which make you stop. Just think about why they make you stop on their content and refer them late when you making your own posts.

Just stay active

Consistency is the key to grow up, whether it is stories, reels or posts. As we discuss above, the more content you post, the more IG will have noticed and spread it.

Sharing content consistent will help to keep you on right track.

Post your content with purpose to grow Instagram

Give time to creating purposeful post and consider your niche and what kind of audience you want to target with your content. Must ensure that, you content will much attractive and eye catching for them.

Always remember that the content you share on your IG account will allow your all followers to know you. So make your post authentic, unique and make it ‘YOU’.

It is the game of giving and taking

The more you engage with peoples, the more your stories and posts will appear in their stories and feed. Therefore, try to make your content in a 2-way conversation.

Humor and light-hearted posts are more engaging because people love to laugh. So sharing also funny videos and addressing the camera is a great way to appear more personable and approachable.


There is massive amount of content out there. If you want get noticed, then you must need be Unique. You need to ask yourself about – which type of content you want to see as a follower in your niche? Which type of content attract my attention when I’m scrolling? It will help you to create content with worth engaging.

Take the content which are trending and sharing it in your own.

Double-down strategy

Don’t underestimate the power of stories. More than 70% of people said that they check stories before they check any part of IG. Therefore, we recommend that after sharing your valuable post then sharing that content in stories immediately. It will boost your engagement.

Hashtags to grow Instagram

Know the power of Hashtags. Using Hashtags in a right way will skyrocket your content. Use this trick very carefully if you want to grow fast.

Never use generic and over popular hashtags because that Hashtags have millions of post so your post will be quickly buried.

Must stick with the stickers

Nowadays, IG algorithm more focus on IG stories that use stickers. IG has endless amount of stickers. Add that stickers in your stories which make your post very attractive and eye catching.

You can use stickers that your followers want to interact with like use polls, emoji stickers, Q n A. It will show IG that you are an active user and promote your content more and more.

Always be social

If you want to grow Instagram page fast, you just need to reply to every comment. Starting conversation with your audience in comment section of your posts may double your conversation and also help you to get noticed by the IG algorithm.

Always remember that your followers are helping you to grow so keep them in a loop and they will be coming back for more.

More saveable, the more favorable

It is simple that the more people save your post, the more engagement you will get.

Make content that people want to like to save posts and refer them later. How-to guides, helpful tips, inspiring quotes are the best way to get the audience back again and again.

Use best captions

IG algorithm also picks up the amount of time spent on your post by your followers. If you post a long caption which is valuable and interesting for your followers, they spent a long time on your post to read content.

You can right caption up to 2200 characters, so use it as you want.

Try to using one specific Hashtags consistently

Having few specific Hashtags in you posts, stories and reels will help you to increase views by a lot. There is a direct correlation between the Hashtags that you used and the amount of engagement and views you get.

Check the number of views from each Hashtag which you are using in posts, stories, and reels, use that insight to improve your next post.

Giveaway and competition for the wins

We all think that it is the best way to getting new followers and expand your reach.

You just need to give relevant prizes. There is no point to offering something that doesn’t match with your niche as people don’t care about to tag their friends.

You need to use an attractive promo images, so when people share it on their stories, it will trigger more engagement from their followers as well.

Getting followers from the giveaways is more likely to stick around if the prize was relevant to them.

People love other people

You must need to post other people’s videos whether it is yourself and your customers. Having a face to the account is more engaging with your followers. Post with peoples will get up to 40% more likes and engagement than without peoples and also help you to grow Instagram page in an organic way.


The best shot at getting your valuable content in front of your followers when they are using the app.

There are generic times where people are using the IG app like 11 am to 2 pm on weekends but in the end, it depends on your community and their active time. Try posting at different times and analyze on which time you get more responses.

Design your bio grow Insragram page

Your bio is the first thing that people see when they visit your profile so spend time on design your bio will help you to grow your profile in an effective way.

Make it reflection of yourself. Use outline who you are, what you do and call-to-action in your bio.


If you really want to grow your IG account in an organic way, you just need to spend time creating strategies for your IG account related to your niche. Use these tips and implement them in your strategies. These tips will help you to grow Instagram page. Connect with your professional Digital marketing consultant and make your IG strategies to grow your IG page.

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